The Valley of Oosular


The story thusfar

There has been a long dearth of logging, so I will try to summarize what the party has gone though in the last several months of real-time…

Ever since finding the Orb of Zeffon in a young black dragon’s layer in some swampy ruins, they have been using it to search for the pieces to the Staff of Mataru, before the evil Kovar Landros, a follower of the Cult of the Abyss, can locate and use them for an unknown ritual he is planning. Assisted by Madam Olavandra (an old halfling witch living in Boulorn) on how to use the orb, the party has journeyed though blighted lands, though a cavernous city beneath Tandor, and to the badlands beyond the Great Wall. Along the way they lost Ting in the Swamps where the dragon lived, and had a gnome priestess named Pip join them in the plains near Tandor. They have fought orcs, undead, a green dragon, and stranger, unknown creatures, as well as talked to a lich and hid from a huge red dragon. All the while being followed by an undead monk named Roush, a tenacious minion of Kovar Landros.

Before finding the last piece of the staff, the party learned from an Archon, that it must be united soon, or a powerful demon imprisoned within will escape and cause untold suffering. To keep the demon locked within the staff the wielder must be a good person, and not use the staff’s power to harm or control, but instead to heal. Only though good acts can the demon remain imprisoned.

Not long after, Pip, while on watch, was approached by the undead monk Roush, who confided to her that Landros’s ritual would to grant the evil priest immortality. To complete this ritual he will need to sacrifice the souls of innocents. The real reason Roush confided this however, was that he has no intention of being enslaved to Landros for eternity and wants the party to defeat his master before the ritual can be preformed. To assist, he will help them get to the mad priest, and not interfere with the fight (since to do so he would be forced to aid his master), but the party must agree to kill Landros.

In the last session before the break the party managed to unite the Staff of Motaru in the flames of a tiny demi-plane of elemental fire. Being good of heart, Pip has taken the staff to watch over it. Now the party stands in a cave where the portal to that plane was, somewhere in the mountain Northeast of Tok.



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