The Valley of Oosular

Chapter One: Befriending Goblins, Killing Orcs

That's Some Good Footweave Man...

The party was getting to know each other and enjoy a drink at the Rot Grub (except for Castigere, who stated in no uncertain that an Eldrich Knight of Nokoyia does NOT drink), when they overheard some miners on the next table discussing a haunted mine. Some aggressive negotiations ensued including some intimidating glares from Tin, but they eventually convinced one of the miners to pay them to retrieve the body of his friend from said haunted mine.

Around this time Trov Ironroot returned with a friend, Norvik the half-orc blacksmith whose daughter Tama was was kidnapped! They together offer the PC’s a large sum of money for her safe return. The PC’s couldn’t say no to such a noble endeavor (with a pile of gold), and set out immediately to track down the orcs at night.

Tin had better luck than his cooshee, and tracked the offenders to a ransacked farm (complete with dead farmer) and followed the trail past the farm to a pair of arguing orcs. Cas boldly charged into the fray (For Nokoyia!), and with Jesca’s hexing and cackling, and Palmer’s mighty kung-fu, the group soon dispatched those two plus two more, freeing little Tama, her friend, and the dead farmer’s wife. Jesca quickly patched them up, and they were brought back to town.

After being showered with gold, the heroes set out for the mine to retrieve Menic, the dead miner, from the supposed haunted mine. Once inside they met three goblins stoned off their noggins on the hallucinogenic “footweave”. The PC’s watched as two of them learned a lesson about playing with dynamite while stoned. The surviving goblin, Ikik, befriended Tin, and lead the heroes to the goblin layer. Both Palmer the dwarf and Cas were mortified that they were doing anything with goblins other than killing them. Once at the layer, and faced with about 30 armed goblins, Tin did some quick talking and convinced the goblin chief to let them pass in the cave.

The party quickly found where the miners had broken into an underground structure, and leading the way in the name of the Empire, Cas dispatched a flaming skull guarding the entrance. Once inside the main structure, the group did some looking around and deciphered what they believed to be an earth and fire symbol and writing across the walls in the ancient script, part of it repeating over and over “I command water air fire earth”. Entering the earth room, the party found an amulet and an armored sand golem. While the party attacked it with fists, fires, and hexes, Cas used the amulet and the command from the previous room to get the golem to stand down and dissipate.

continued in next week’s eposide



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