The Valley of Oosular

Chapter Two: The Bizarre Labyrinth

Lets touch the magic golden globes!

The second session opened where the first left off with the characters attempting to control the golems. They found that with the amulets they could command the golems in durlog, however they could not leave the room the golems guarded with them. With some canny insight Castigere managed to guess the general layout of the level, and after all four elemental amulets were acquired, the party found themselves in the central area on a platform overlooking a pyramid in an underground pool.

A pedestal with a 5×5 grid on it with squares the same size as the amulets left the PC’s with another puzzle. Before they could decipher it out of the murky waters surrounding the pyramid came zombies. Starting with the animated corpse of the missing miner they seemed to keep coming until the PC’s were forced to retreat to one of the golem rooms to let the big guy handle them. With some thought they found a solution for the puzzle and rushing back to the platform they solved it and out of the water rose a walkway to the pyramid.

The top of the pyramid was a flattened area about 10×10 feet. Suspended in a beam of light was a human male in robes. Surrounding him on the 4 corners of the square were small golden globes. Cas found that removing one dimmed the light and woke the human from what was apparently a 900 year suspended animation. He revealed some information in Durlog warning about the rise of the cult of Voggoth, an old god of the valley, also known as the Sleeping God and the Lord of Madness. He urged the party to warn the king of the recent activities of the cult. He also revealed that he was a sacrifice, after which point Cas moved the last globe and freed him completely, triggering his transformation into a demon — but not before Cas was able to stab him with the silvered dagger the man used to try to stab himself with before dropping it out of pain.

The fight ensued and Tin was passed the dagger, which turned out to be the only really effective weapon against the creature. With a critical hit sneak attack, the monster was vanquished. After the demon was slayed the party proceeded to loot the dead man’s belongings and it was noticed that a passageway had opened up on the other side of the pyramid.

Leaving behind the body of the miner they were her to retireve, the party proceed down the steps deeper into the mountain found a room impressive black door that was locked and two smaller ones they were able to unlock and open. One lead to a circular room with a pit in the center, the other to a library. The party was soon to find that most of the books had long since fell to a fragile and unreadable state of mold, mildew, and general disrepair due to many centuries of abandonment within the dank and moist dungeon. They immediately set about trying to discover what books were still in a state of readability and what could be repaired with some simple magic.



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