The Valley of Oosular

Chapter 21: Back to the Plane of Corn

With the aid of a ring given to them by Roush the undead monk (who wished to help the party to slay his master Korvar Landros), the party plane-shifted to Asoyo, the demiplane of corn. Their they found themselves not surprisingly in a field of corn, with an overcast sky and hot sticky air. Their arrival did not go unnoticed however, as they were spotting by undead ravens and soon found themselves beset by a demonic three-legged monstrosity near the steps of a burned out chapel they had fought at months before last time they were in this plane.

After slaying the beast and the ravens they used flight to spot a cathedral to their southeast. Using a locate person scroll they found that their target, the dark priest Kovar Landros, was in a certain section of the Cathedral near a large stain-glass window. Enlarging the hobgoblin Hobbs they smashed though the window taking Landros by surprise, and eventually slaying him along with an undead minion and a flesh golem.

Now the party searches though is office in the cathedral finding several very old and well-preserved books written in either Old-Nokoyan or Durlog, and Landros’s own journal along with a locket and a key, some scrolls, and a cash of coins.

With the dark priest Korvar Landros slain, the party must decide what they will do next…



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