The Valley of Oosular

Chapter 22: Into the Blightlands

After the party searched the Cathedral on the Plane of Corn, they found in its basement an obscene alchemy lab manned by an insane goblin alchemist. They manage to slumber him before he could attack, and free what captives where there and still alive. Castigere decided to stay behind and explore the lab, while a kobold sorcerer captive and his henchmen decided to tag along with the party. The group then takes the portal in Landros’s office back to the town of Boulorn.

There in the town they meet up with old friends, the dwarf Trov Ironroot, and his close friend the old halfling madam Olvandra. The latter has used divination to find out what happened to Landros, so knew when the party was back in Boulorn that they had been successful. She took and introduced them to an acquaintance of hers, a paladian of the Order of Allos. He recruited the party into helping find out what is causing the invasion of the orcs, or more importantly, the source of the orcs determination and discipline in the siege of Tandor. One of the places that needed exploring was the Blightlands, for undead attacks were on the rise after the orc invasion, and the Order wanted to know why. So being that the Blightlands were near, the party journeyed there.

Following a trial from the town, the party encountered a pair of Bodak in a cave (the latter having dragged peasants from the town to the cave to watch them rise into more Bodak. The party defeated the undead (with the loss of two of the kobold’s henchmen), and burned the bodies to prevent them from rising. They then hunkered down and prepared to defend themselves against the horrors of a night in the Blightlands.



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