The Valley of Oosular

Chapter Three: Back to Town

We have books!

The party decided that after being in the dungeon all day it was time to head back to town for a much needed rest. Hauling back the nine salvageable books from the library and the dead body of the miner they were hired to retrieve, they returned to town. Once the body was returned (After the miner who hired them convinced the city guard that it was okay that these strangers were hauling around a dead body), the party was paid and the body taken to the temple to be prepared for ritual that would hopefully guide the spirit to Zannara safely. The Party then settled for the night, and upon waking gained new insight (Leveled UP!).

The next day was spent in town looking around and spending some coin. Jesca, while gaining insight into the Abyssal language, as well as with magical aid, found out that the book written in Abyssal was actually about subverting the soul ritual that guides souls to Zannara and instead diverts them to a demi-plane in the Abyss to be consumed by the ritualist to prolong his life and grant him powers. She also found the the four golden globes were able to reveal that the book has an evil aura… go figure.

Cas and Palmer were tired and decided to sleep in that day. While Tin finished up his day in the inn drinking and poking around for some odd jobs. Nothing fell into his lap but the reputation of the party did grow as there was some talk about strangers, orcs, and zombies.

Meanwhile, they wonder what is behind that large black door in the dungeon…



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