The Valley of Oosular

Chapter Four: Hunting Orcs


After a full day’s rest in town, Tin decided he was going to go foraging for shadeweave with his loyal dog, and spent two full days in the lands and woods surrounding Boulorn. Meanwhile, the reminder of the party was in the inn discussing they’re options of what to do next. It was brought up that there was still more of the dungeon left unexplored when their table was approached by a high ranking member of the town guard. Apparently the guard found more evidence of the orc attacks, and since it was operating on a skeleton crew, they could not spare the men to hunt down this threat. He offered them a deal. Hunt down the orcs, but do so discretely, the last thing the guard wanted was a panic on their hands. In return, for the next few days at least, he would give them 7 gold for each orc scalp brought in.

The party jumped on the lucrative deal, and set out early the next morning to where they last saw the orcs a few days ago. Through dumb luck Palmr was able to find the trail he believed belonged to the orcs and they were stomping though the woods following it when their prey ambushed them. The fight with the five orcs (one being a shaman) was brutal and Cas was badly injured and clinging to life when Jesca healed him. One orc had been rendered unconscious tied up for aggressive interrogations. Palmr did the interrogation, while Cas yelled the only orcish word he knew (bucket). In the end they were only able to get from him “we are legion” and “the wall is coming down”. Whether it was Boulorn’s town wall or the Great Wall they were unsure.

The next day they were hot on the trail and again Palmr, with a lot of luck, found a well-worn trail he believed the orcs might have used. They followed it for two hours before being ambushed by goblins first, then after a resulting fire put a huge plume of smoke into the air and chased off the remaining goblins, three orcs — including one rather bad-ass orc wielding a double headed axe, joined the battle. After dispatching the orcs and retrieving the leader’s Belt of Giant Strength, the party hurried home licking their wounds and wondering “could the goblins be in league with the orcs?”



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