The Valley of Oosular

Chapter Five: Burning Down the House

After resting and healing from orc hunting and herbing, the party regrouped and decided to journey back into the dungeon located within the old abandoned (except for goblins) mine.

So the party set of and once reaching the mine were confronted with a goblin war-party. The goblin leader demanded a fee of 10gp to enter the mine. With some intimidation and help from Ikik, Tin talked them down and was able to enter the mine without paying. Before long the party was back where they left off deep in the dungeon. After a fight with a giant skeletonial snake where Castigere, in a move crazy even for him, tried to jump on to the snake who was at that point suspended above a very deep pit. He missed, and only remembering that he had Feather Fall memorized prevented there from being a large Cas-shaped stain at the bottom of the pit.

After passing though a room of absolute darkness and though a portal within what appeared to be a temple room (where they also nearly destroyed their magical golden balls trying to peer into the dark liquid upon the alter), the party found themselves in what they believed to be the abyss, which happened to look a lot like a field of corn. They soon found themselves running from demonic-abominations towards the only building in sight. Within the building, which could only be described as a demonic shrine, they encountered a priest and his undead-monk companion.

Introducing himself as an acolyte of the Abyss and keeper of the shrine of Olaguar he demanded to know who the partly was and why there were there. The party then attacked. In the ensuing fight, webbing cast by Jesca kept the dark priest from the party, and vice versa. The party focused on a difficult fight with the monk while the priest apparently slipped away. After slaying the monk and searching and burning down the shrine, the party slipped though another portal they found and wound up back in the dungeon.

Tin was able to pick up the priest’s trail, apparently he came back though the portal as well. They followed it out of the dungeon and to the entrance of the cave, and a half-dozen dead goblins. Ikik and a few other survivors mentioned the human who killed their companions. Again picking up the trail the party followed it to the main road, where before being obscured on the road, saw that it lead back in the direction of Boulorn…



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