The Valley of Oosular

Chapter Six: The Mayor of Boulorn

Following the evil priest back to town, the party described him to the town guard, only to find out that Kovar Landros was in fact the mayor of Boulorn, who left a message with the guard inviting the party to meet with him (dun dun DUN!). They met back in the inn and decided that it was not safe to stay there, and they sought out Norvik, who suggested that Trov might put the up for the night. Trov greeted them warmly offing them mead and weave and to put them up for the night. Feeling ill from his close encounter with the Abyss, Castigere slept soundly in Trov’s loft, while the rest of the party slipped out case the mayor’s place when Madam Olvandra came calling on Trov.

The next day they went to meet with the Madam Olvandra, who tell them that the mayor is actually a cultist trying to seek immortality though the Abyss. They then go meet with the mayor. In that meeting they learn that it was the mayor who joined minds briefly with Castigere, and had learned about the dungeon and their portal. It turns out he is looking for a book he believes the party may have acquired, and offers them 100gp each for it. The party return to Olvandra, who in the mean time used her divinations to discover one of the components Landros needs for his ritual. A portal to the demiplane it is on can be found in a lost tower, the map to which Olvandra knows is hidden in a shack in the Blightlands. The party then decides to leave town and head to Phannal, which borders the Blightlands, leaving a message with Castigere to join them at the Ruptured Duck, an inn that was recommended to them.

A day’s hike and brief encounter with a pyrolysik later, they find themselves in Phannal. Their first night in the town they get a job hunting undead, as it seems that Phannel has to lack of nighttime danger this close to the Blightlands.



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