The Valley of Oosular

Chapter Seven: I got that Undead Feeling

Murder, mayhem, and the Blightlands.

A quick summary… party entered the blightlands, found a halfling trailing them (mayor’s lackey), tied him up and interrogated him, then Tin returned slit his throat while the party left him.

The party encountered a wraith haunting an old tower. She wanted the soul of Cas, so the party slew her and took the enchanted chain shirt from the corpse of her beloved.

Soon after they had a harrowing encounter with a pack of zombie wolves, and then found the map they were in the blightlands for, along with a carved piece of bone that appeared to be an astronomic time keeper, showing the positions of the stars and a planet at a certain point in time.

They headed for the ruins of an old city where the tower was indicated to be near from the map, and left the blightlands with all due haste (with a quick scuffle with a zombie ogre).



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