The Valley of Oosular

Chapter Eight: The Demiplane of Corridors

The party decided to hike the entire way to the ruins and avoid towns along the way. Other than a brief encounter with an owlbear (who was later butchered for its “meat” by the party), the party makes it to near the ruins without incident.

They then encounter a small party of goblins on dog-like giant rodent mounts. Seeing only two members of the party, they attack and are quickly defeated, with only one surviving goblin. He (Wozick is his name) is tied up and forced to lead they party to the goblin chief. Once there they strike a deal (with the help of some of Tin’s footweave). The party will kill off a nearby group of ogres who terrorized the tribe, and the goblin chief will allow them to pass though his lands.

The party ends up fighting, and eventually defeating, the ogres, and immediately take off for the north of the ruins, where their map says is the tower they are looking for. They find a clearing, and deduce that the tower will appear that night based on the star chart they found with the map. Sure enough, that night it does. They proceed into the tower, and through the portal they find inside (taking with them Wozick, who Tin promised to “buy” from the chief with more footweave).

They appear in a labyrinth of sorts… what appears to be endless intersections, linked by a grid of 15’ by 15’ corridors stretching about 100’ between intersections. In there they find a flumph named Lilly, who is lost, having entered the labyrinth believing that the portal would take her to a swamp where she could harvest a plant needed to ward off a plague. Soon after they encounter a small party apparently lead by a kobold sorcerer. After Jesca reveals the nature of their quest, he decides that cast a spell at them…



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