The Valley of Oosular

Chapter Eight: The Demiplane of Corridors

The party decided to hike the entire way to the ruins and avoid towns along the way. Other than a brief encounter with an owlbear (who was later butchered for its “meat” by the party), the party makes it to near the ruins without incident.

They then encounter a small party of goblins on dog-like giant rodent mounts. Seeing only two members of the party, they attack and are quickly defeated, with only one surviving goblin. He (Wozick is his name) is tied up and forced to lead they party to the goblin chief. Once there they strike a deal (with the help of some of Tin’s footweave). The party will kill off a nearby group of ogres who terrorized the tribe, and the goblin chief will allow them to pass though his lands.

The party ends up fighting, and eventually defeating, the ogres, and immediately take off for the north of the ruins, where their map says is the tower they are looking for. They find a clearing, and deduce that the tower will appear that night based on the star chart they found with the map. Sure enough, that night it does. They proceed into the tower, and through the portal they find inside (taking with them Wozick, who Tin promised to “buy” from the chief with more footweave).

They appear in a labyrinth of sorts… what appears to be endless intersections, linked by a grid of 15’ by 15’ corridors stretching about 100’ between intersections. In there they find a flumph named Lilly, who is lost, having entered the labyrinth believing that the portal would take her to a swamp where she could harvest a plant needed to ward off a plague. Soon after they encounter a small party apparently lead by a kobold sorcerer. After Jesca reveals the nature of their quest, he decides that cast a spell at them…

Chapter Seven: I got that Undead Feeling
Murder, mayhem, and the Blightlands.

A quick summary… party entered the blightlands, found a halfling trailing them (mayor’s lackey), tied him up and interrogated him, then Tin returned slit his throat while the party left him.

The party encountered a wraith haunting an old tower. She wanted the soul of Cas, so the party slew her and took the enchanted chain shirt from the corpse of her beloved.

Soon after they had a harrowing encounter with a pack of zombie wolves, and then found the map they were in the blightlands for, along with a carved piece of bone that appeared to be an astronomic time keeper, showing the positions of the stars and a planet at a certain point in time.

They headed for the ruins of an old city where the tower was indicated to be near from the map, and left the blightlands with all due haste (with a quick scuffle with a zombie ogre).

Chapter Six: The Mayor of Boulorn

Following the evil priest back to town, the party described him to the town guard, only to find out that Kovar Landros was in fact the mayor of Boulorn, who left a message with the guard inviting the party to meet with him (dun dun DUN!). They met back in the inn and decided that it was not safe to stay there, and they sought out Norvik, who suggested that Trov might put the up for the night. Trov greeted them warmly offing them mead and weave and to put them up for the night. Feeling ill from his close encounter with the Abyss, Castigere slept soundly in Trov’s loft, while the rest of the party slipped out case the mayor’s place when Madam Olvandra came calling on Trov.

The next day they went to meet with the Madam Olvandra, who tell them that the mayor is actually a cultist trying to seek immortality though the Abyss. They then go meet with the mayor. In that meeting they learn that it was the mayor who joined minds briefly with Castigere, and had learned about the dungeon and their portal. It turns out he is looking for a book he believes the party may have acquired, and offers them 100gp each for it. The party return to Olvandra, who in the mean time used her divinations to discover one of the components Landros needs for his ritual. A portal to the demiplane it is on can be found in a lost tower, the map to which Olvandra knows is hidden in a shack in the Blightlands. The party then decides to leave town and head to Phannal, which borders the Blightlands, leaving a message with Castigere to join them at the Ruptured Duck, an inn that was recommended to them.

A day’s hike and brief encounter with a pyrolysik later, they find themselves in Phannal. Their first night in the town they get a job hunting undead, as it seems that Phannel has to lack of nighttime danger this close to the Blightlands.

Chapter Five: Burning Down the House

After resting and healing from orc hunting and herbing, the party regrouped and decided to journey back into the dungeon located within the old abandoned (except for goblins) mine.

So the party set of and once reaching the mine were confronted with a goblin war-party. The goblin leader demanded a fee of 10gp to enter the mine. With some intimidation and help from Ikik, Tin talked them down and was able to enter the mine without paying. Before long the party was back where they left off deep in the dungeon. After a fight with a giant skeletonial snake where Castigere, in a move crazy even for him, tried to jump on to the snake who was at that point suspended above a very deep pit. He missed, and only remembering that he had Feather Fall memorized prevented there from being a large Cas-shaped stain at the bottom of the pit.

After passing though a room of absolute darkness and though a portal within what appeared to be a temple room (where they also nearly destroyed their magical golden balls trying to peer into the dark liquid upon the alter), the party found themselves in what they believed to be the abyss, which happened to look a lot like a field of corn. They soon found themselves running from demonic-abominations towards the only building in sight. Within the building, which could only be described as a demonic shrine, they encountered a priest and his undead-monk companion.

Introducing himself as an acolyte of the Abyss and keeper of the shrine of Olaguar he demanded to know who the partly was and why there were there. The party then attacked. In the ensuing fight, webbing cast by Jesca kept the dark priest from the party, and vice versa. The party focused on a difficult fight with the monk while the priest apparently slipped away. After slaying the monk and searching and burning down the shrine, the party slipped though another portal they found and wound up back in the dungeon.

Tin was able to pick up the priest’s trail, apparently he came back though the portal as well. They followed it out of the dungeon and to the entrance of the cave, and a half-dozen dead goblins. Ikik and a few other survivors mentioned the human who killed their companions. Again picking up the trail the party followed it to the main road, where before being obscured on the road, saw that it lead back in the direction of Boulorn…

Chapter Four: Hunting Orcs

After a full day’s rest in town, Tin decided he was going to go foraging for shadeweave with his loyal dog, and spent two full days in the lands and woods surrounding Boulorn. Meanwhile, the reminder of the party was in the inn discussing they’re options of what to do next. It was brought up that there was still more of the dungeon left unexplored when their table was approached by a high ranking member of the town guard. Apparently the guard found more evidence of the orc attacks, and since it was operating on a skeleton crew, they could not spare the men to hunt down this threat. He offered them a deal. Hunt down the orcs, but do so discretely, the last thing the guard wanted was a panic on their hands. In return, for the next few days at least, he would give them 7 gold for each orc scalp brought in.

The party jumped on the lucrative deal, and set out early the next morning to where they last saw the orcs a few days ago. Through dumb luck Palmr was able to find the trail he believed belonged to the orcs and they were stomping though the woods following it when their prey ambushed them. The fight with the five orcs (one being a shaman) was brutal and Cas was badly injured and clinging to life when Jesca healed him. One orc had been rendered unconscious tied up for aggressive interrogations. Palmr did the interrogation, while Cas yelled the only orcish word he knew (bucket). In the end they were only able to get from him “we are legion” and “the wall is coming down”. Whether it was Boulorn’s town wall or the Great Wall they were unsure.

The next day they were hot on the trail and again Palmr, with a lot of luck, found a well-worn trail he believed the orcs might have used. They followed it for two hours before being ambushed by goblins first, then after a resulting fire put a huge plume of smoke into the air and chased off the remaining goblins, three orcs — including one rather bad-ass orc wielding a double headed axe, joined the battle. After dispatching the orcs and retrieving the leader’s Belt of Giant Strength, the party hurried home licking their wounds and wondering “could the goblins be in league with the orcs?”

Chapter Three: Back to Town
We have books!

The party decided that after being in the dungeon all day it was time to head back to town for a much needed rest. Hauling back the nine salvageable books from the library and the dead body of the miner they were hired to retrieve, they returned to town. Once the body was returned (After the miner who hired them convinced the city guard that it was okay that these strangers were hauling around a dead body), the party was paid and the body taken to the temple to be prepared for ritual that would hopefully guide the spirit to Zannara safely. The Party then settled for the night, and upon waking gained new insight (Leveled UP!).

The next day was spent in town looking around and spending some coin. Jesca, while gaining insight into the Abyssal language, as well as with magical aid, found out that the book written in Abyssal was actually about subverting the soul ritual that guides souls to Zannara and instead diverts them to a demi-plane in the Abyss to be consumed by the ritualist to prolong his life and grant him powers. She also found the the four golden globes were able to reveal that the book has an evil aura… go figure.

Cas and Palmer were tired and decided to sleep in that day. While Tin finished up his day in the inn drinking and poking around for some odd jobs. Nothing fell into his lap but the reputation of the party did grow as there was some talk about strangers, orcs, and zombies.

Meanwhile, they wonder what is behind that large black door in the dungeon…

Chapter Two: The Bizarre Labyrinth
Lets touch the magic golden globes!

The second session opened where the first left off with the characters attempting to control the golems. They found that with the amulets they could command the golems in durlog, however they could not leave the room the golems guarded with them. With some canny insight Castigere managed to guess the general layout of the level, and after all four elemental amulets were acquired, the party found themselves in the central area on a platform overlooking a pyramid in an underground pool.

A pedestal with a 5×5 grid on it with squares the same size as the amulets left the PC’s with another puzzle. Before they could decipher it out of the murky waters surrounding the pyramid came zombies. Starting with the animated corpse of the missing miner they seemed to keep coming until the PC’s were forced to retreat to one of the golem rooms to let the big guy handle them. With some thought they found a solution for the puzzle and rushing back to the platform they solved it and out of the water rose a walkway to the pyramid.

The top of the pyramid was a flattened area about 10×10 feet. Suspended in a beam of light was a human male in robes. Surrounding him on the 4 corners of the square were small golden globes. Cas found that removing one dimmed the light and woke the human from what was apparently a 900 year suspended animation. He revealed some information in Durlog warning about the rise of the cult of Voggoth, an old god of the valley, also known as the Sleeping God and the Lord of Madness. He urged the party to warn the king of the recent activities of the cult. He also revealed that he was a sacrifice, after which point Cas moved the last globe and freed him completely, triggering his transformation into a demon — but not before Cas was able to stab him with the silvered dagger the man used to try to stab himself with before dropping it out of pain.

The fight ensued and Tin was passed the dagger, which turned out to be the only really effective weapon against the creature. With a critical hit sneak attack, the monster was vanquished. After the demon was slayed the party proceeded to loot the dead man’s belongings and it was noticed that a passageway had opened up on the other side of the pyramid.

Leaving behind the body of the miner they were her to retireve, the party proceed down the steps deeper into the mountain found a room impressive black door that was locked and two smaller ones they were able to unlock and open. One lead to a circular room with a pit in the center, the other to a library. The party was soon to find that most of the books had long since fell to a fragile and unreadable state of mold, mildew, and general disrepair due to many centuries of abandonment within the dank and moist dungeon. They immediately set about trying to discover what books were still in a state of readability and what could be repaired with some simple magic.

Chapter One: Befriending Goblins, Killing Orcs
That's Some Good Footweave Man...

The party was getting to know each other and enjoy a drink at the Rot Grub (except for Castigere, who stated in no uncertain that an Eldrich Knight of Nokoyia does NOT drink), when they overheard some miners on the next table discussing a haunted mine. Some aggressive negotiations ensued including some intimidating glares from Tin, but they eventually convinced one of the miners to pay them to retrieve the body of his friend from said haunted mine.

Around this time Trov Ironroot returned with a friend, Norvik the half-orc blacksmith whose daughter Tama was was kidnapped! They together offer the PC’s a large sum of money for her safe return. The PC’s couldn’t say no to such a noble endeavor (with a pile of gold), and set out immediately to track down the orcs at night.

Tin had better luck than his cooshee, and tracked the offenders to a ransacked farm (complete with dead farmer) and followed the trail past the farm to a pair of arguing orcs. Cas boldly charged into the fray (For Nokoyia!), and with Jesca’s hexing and cackling, and Palmer’s mighty kung-fu, the group soon dispatched those two plus two more, freeing little Tama, her friend, and the dead farmer’s wife. Jesca quickly patched them up, and they were brought back to town.

After being showered with gold, the heroes set out for the mine to retrieve Menic, the dead miner, from the supposed haunted mine. Once inside they met three goblins stoned off their noggins on the hallucinogenic “footweave”. The PC’s watched as two of them learned a lesson about playing with dynamite while stoned. The surviving goblin, Ikik, befriended Tin, and lead the heroes to the goblin layer. Both Palmer the dwarf and Cas were mortified that they were doing anything with goblins other than killing them. Once at the layer, and faced with about 30 armed goblins, Tin did some quick talking and convinced the goblin chief to let them pass in the cave.

The party quickly found where the miners had broken into an underground structure, and leading the way in the name of the Empire, Cas dispatched a flaming skull guarding the entrance. Once inside the main structure, the group did some looking around and deciphered what they believed to be an earth and fire symbol and writing across the walls in the ancient script, part of it repeating over and over “I command water air fire earth”. Entering the earth room, the party found an amulet and an armored sand golem. While the party attacked it with fists, fires, and hexes, Cas used the amulet and the command from the previous room to get the golem to stand down and dissipate.

continued in next week’s eposide

Arrival in the town of Boulorn

“Its been almost a hundred years since orcs threatened the valley”, Trov Ironroot, an old dwarven merchant riding with your caravan sighed and looked up at the gathering dusk, “Vosh willing their numbers are small and it’ll be more than a hundred before they show their faces again.” With his long white beard wove into two thick braids tied with copper rings, and grizzled windblown face, Trov looked more than old enough to have seen, and maybe even fought in, the previous invasion.

The conversation had been a welcome diversion from an otherwise uneventful trip from Tandor to Boulorn, a small mining and farming town in route to the great port city of Vallandro. It took the caravan 4 days to travel the distance, and with the bulk of the King’s Army manning the Great Wall, it was a tense journey. The caravan owner, a fat and middle-aged human by the name of Urvic Jondo hired some muscle and magic for protection. His plans were to take the caravan all the way to Vallandro, at least a couple of weeks travel with the slow moving carts. You are a part of the hired protection.

That was the plan anyway. Trov had just finished a bawdy tale about two halflings an a blind orc when a whistling sound passed your ear. Sling stone! Another flew past and hit one of the drivers who yelled out in pain. Then came the arrows as people scrambled for cover.

Goblins! You heard someone yell — and you realized you should have been paying more attention. The route had just passed into a forested hilly area that in retrospect was perfect for an ambush. Along with your fellow mercenaries, you ready your weapon and leap from the cart to fight off the goblins. The battle was short, the goblins were not expecting much resistance and broke quickly. The damage however had been done as flames from burning arrows consumed one cart full of merchandise.

Urvic sat in the back of one of the surviving carts wincing in pain, a large welt on his leg. His plump sweaty palms desperately groping in a burgundy silk bag he carried on his person. Eventually they found a small vial of liquid. Downing it, the minor injury quickly healed and with a sigh he looked relieved. His relief quickly turned to anger.

“You call that protection… you’re all Fired!” He looked up at the men driving the carts. “Driver! You, the one awake, how far are we from Boulorn?”
“‘bout few ’ours I would guess m’lord.”
“Fine.” Urvic struggled momentarily to sit up, helped by his personal bodyguard, a large and over-muscled hobgoblin named Eron, and looked over to you and the rest of the mercenaries, “I will pay you to Boulorn, if you are lucky. But then I better not see your faces again!”
You were about to protest, after all you did fight off the ambush at personal risk, the but the look from Eron made you reconsider.

In town that evening, you and the other newly unemployed henchmen decided to meet for drinks at a local tavern, the Rot Grub. You’re not sure what to do at the moment. You are stuck in a smallish town of a few thousand without a horse or the means to procure one.


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