The world where Oosular is located is called Ous. It has three moons: Xer the small red moon, Yar, the larger green moon, and Zu, the small black moon (few even know about its existence as it only is “visible” at the dead of night as its orbit is opposite the sun). Ous is in the center of a crystallized sphere and its sun Allos orbits around it along with the moons. The orbits from interior outward are Xer, Yar, Allos, then Zu. The “stars” in the sky are the reflections of Allos against the rough edge of the interior of the sphere. Outside the sphere is the vast Astral Plane which contains the River of Souls linking Zanara to the Abyss.

Ous has a 360-day year, as determined by the rotation of the stars. The year is divided into 8 months, two per season and taking 45 days each. Allos orbits near one hemisphere or the other following a predictable pattern which determines the seasons based on which hemisphere is currently getting more sunlight. The names of the seasons are taken from the Old Nokoyan:

Nafrem (low spring)
Nafron (high spring)
Yosen (low summer)
Yislo (high summer)
Latus (low autem)
Lutar (high autem)
Nosh (low winter)
Nash (high winter)

The Valley of Oosular is in the northern hemisphere and experiences all four seasons, with fairly hot summers and fairly cold winters.


The Valley of Oosular James3k