The gods play an important role in the history and culture of the land, and myths abound as to their role in the creation of the world. Those with 5 or more ranks of religion know the true Creation Myth, as do those to study the planes, but this story is not widely known among lay-people whose myths generally have the gods play a more direct role in the world. That said, it is believed by scholars and lay-people alike that gods DO “adopt” a portion of the world where they focus their efforts.

The gods are believed to have all the same emotions and feelings as mortals, although to godlike proportions of course. While ageless and very powerful (although this power varies widely between deities), they can be slain. Another name for the gods of good and neutrality are the Zan, while the gods of evil are called either Lords of the Abyss, Demon Lords, Naz, or sometimes Corrupted Zan — for the gods are all of the same race. While it is rare very, both gods of good and evil can manifest with the aid of mortals. More likely they will possess a willing mortal, for this is far easier to do and less risky for the deity.

Below is a list of the gods that are revered or worshiped within the valley, although anyone with a few ranks of religion will tell you that this is only a small percentage of the actual gods which exist.

Name Align Sphere Grasp
Vosh LN Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Protection God of Protection, Patron of Tandor
Olam NG Weather, Community, Plant, Animal Goddess of Nature and Farming
Desna CG Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Travel Goddess of Travel
Asramo CN Trickery, Chaos, Luck, Charm Trickster God
Alandara N Magic, Knowledge, Artifice, Rune Goddess of Magic
Largon LN Glory, Strength, War, Law God of Honorable Combat
Torgo N Knowledge, Void, Magic, Madness The Watcher
Kaylarna N Nobility, Community, TBD Goddess of Wealth, Patron of Vallandro
Ishnur NG Repose, Death, Protection, Healing Guardian of the Dead
Allos LG Sun, Law, Good, Fire Sun God, Destroyer of Undead
Margosa CN Weather, Air, Water Storm Goddess
Bonoro N Earth, Air, Fire, Water Keeper of the Elements
Ziya NG TBD Goddess of healing

In addition to the gods, there are Demon Lords worshiped within the valley… although their worship is not always allowed in civilized places, at least not openly (other than Tok, which holds Zor as its patron). That said, even people who worship a god of good might offer Pherana a prayer for vengeance, Zor for strength, or plead with Jocoal for quiet dreams.

Name Align Sphere Grasp
Gormog CE War, Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Strength God of the Orcs
Vishna NE Death, Darkness, Destruction, Evil Goddess of the Undead
Zor LE TBD God of Tyranny and Strength
Pherana NE TBD Goddess of Vengeance
Jocoal CE TBD God of Madness and Nightmares


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