Death is much, much more difficult to surmount in this realm. Raise dead, resurrection, reincarnate spells do not exist, instead what would be required is an extensive and expensive ritual which I will detail later. Or a wish spell most likely.
Death can be reversed normally via raise dead and other spells. Death from old age cannot be raised, although there is powerful magic to make someone younger and this will hold off the death from old age for awhile. Such magic is very rare however, and those that seek immortality find it far easier to go the route of undeath. Also, raising someone from the dead has risks, there is a chance, based partly on how they died and what rituals were performed, that the individual’s soul was corrupted and they will return evil, or that another soul altogether may return.

Undead are not all evil… although the vast majority are.

Character Creation

Races are limited to what is specified in the Races section. Gnomes are now allowed, although rare. Hobgoblins are also allowed, although they have a similar stigma as half-orcs do.

Classes are allowed from Core, APG, UM, and UC books. As more pathfinder books are released I will make the call on a case by case basis. No third-party classes except where approved.

Hit Points may be re-rolled if a very low roll based on die is made. For d6 you may re-roll a 1 for free, for d8, 1 or 2, for d10, 1-3, and for a d12, you may re-roll a 1-4. If your roll is outside that range but too low for your tastes, you may burn a hero point to re-roll again until you get a higher roll than the one you spent the HP to discard. Only one hero point may be spent in this manner a level.

Character Abilities will be point-buy with the 20pt heroic level.

XP I haven’t decided if I will give XP or just level the group after an arc. I most likely will do a hybrid and give a chunk of XP after an arc or milestone, and not worry about points for slaying individual monsters, etc. XP will be rewarded for overcoming obstacles and resolving problems. I wont necessarily give you __ xp for X number of monsters killed, but I will take that into account when I reward it. It all comes down to resolving the issues at hand, whether they are that ghoul bearing down on you, solving a puzzle, or rescuing little Suzie’s kitten from a tree. XP will be rewarded usually at the end of story-arcs or important events. Characters with enough XP can level up once they have and a chance to do a full rest. I gave up on keeping track of xp… party will level up after completing milestones.

Accounting and nit-picking I won’t concern myself with some details like if you meet the encumbrance rules exactly for your gear, as long as what you have is plausible for your strength (full plate armor and a few large weapons in a 10 str is going to be an issue for example). I do want PC’s to keep track of things like ammo, and if they actually have a candle, etc. It may not be a heroic thing to do, but running out of arrows in a pitch battle may require heroic decisions ;-)

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