Languages spoken in the valley include:

Common: A modern variant of the old imperial language.

Draconic: Believed the language of dragons, own alphabet used as the basis of most magical writing. Spoken most commonly by kobolds, lizardfolk use a very distinct dialect of it, almost its own language.

Dwarven: Old language of the dwarven peoples. Not commonly used even by dwarves except in cultural events (although most are required to learn it), and in some official legal documents from Tandor (due to its exacting nature).

Elvish: Spoken by the elves in the valley long before the empire came, it is a very lyrical language with an elaborate alphabet. Not widely used outside the forest-elves homes, but often learned by bards and others for its beauty.

Goblin: Spoken mostly by goblins, and used by Hobgoblins generally only for swearing, but is fairly common in Tok and surrounding areas. Has a limited vocabulary and no distinct alphabet. The Hobgoblin dialect uses Common grammer and alphabet for writing.

Halfling: Not really a language in its own right, more of a dialect of common. Uses the same alphabet as common and forms the basis of the “Thieves Cant”.

Orcish: Not common within the valley, but does exist. Most, but not all, half-orcs choose to learn at least some of it. Mostly learned by military officers for tactical reasons against the horde. Has a very limited writing language and forms the bases of many other languages including languages spoken by ogres and the like.

Less known languages

Abyssal: Language of demons and those that stare into the Abyss.

Infernal: Another variant of the languages of the Abyss.

Celestial: Spoken language of Archons and the like, its alphabet is used in the official writings of the Church of Vosh.

Drudic A special language spoken by druids, and guarded from outsiders.

Durlog: A very old version of common spoken before the coming of the empire. Almost extinct but known in scholarly areas.

Old Empire: The language spoken by the old empire (as it was long before it invaded the valley). Has not been used much in well over a thousand years. Is similar to common as the latter is based from it.

Thieves Cant A very distinct dialect of Halfling mixed with Common used by thieves guilds and more shady types to pass information.


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