Misc Things that have popped up in previous games:

Footweave A weed that grows in random ditches and fields. It grows along the ground and back upon itself in a twisted weave. It functions as a hallucinogenic, smoking it will lower stats by 2 or more (depending on how much is consumed) in Int, Wis, Cha, and Dex, but on the up-side makes the user feel like, really good man…
Its use is looked down upon among civilized society.

Shadeweave A strain of Foot-Weave that only grows in the shade. Much rarer and less potent. Use will give a +2 insight bonus to Wis that lasts about an hour, but will also give a -2 to Int and Dex that lasts two hours. Due to its cost and rarity, as well as its tangible benefits, it is less looked down upon than its more common cousin. It is sometimes found in temples.

Mageweave An enchanted version of Shadeweave that is specially prepared through an alchemical process. It grants a +2 bonus to Wis and Cha and a -2 to Dex. Bonuses and penalties last about an hour. Hard to make and very expensive.

Nokoyan Eldrich Knights An order of magus that existed at the time of the Nokoyan Empire. Their order is believed to be extinct, at least in the valley.


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