The Valley of Oosular contains the isolated and declining remains of the once great Nokoyan Empire. The valley is bordered by a mountain range on North, East, and West sides, an impassable swampland to the south, and a huge ancient wall blocking a pass to the northeast. It is mostly grassland except for a river, a large dense forest (along with sparse woodlands scattered throughout), and a few small lakes with one large sea in the southwest.

There are three major city-states that control the area within the valley: Tandor the largest and oldest city located in the north central region. During the time of Imperial rule it was the capitol of the region and is currently a Mageacracy. Vallandro a Plutocracy located in the Southwest on the Sea of Woelan and was a major port and trading center to the outside world until all ties with the empire were severed. Lastly the hobgoblin military state of Tok located in the far Southeast which has maintained a truce with the other two states, and is famous for its gladiatorial competitions.

The three city-states are often in conflict with each other although there hasn’t been a major war for centuries — since the three cities became independent of each other. Tandor and Vallandro share a mutual trading agreement. Tok stands a little more appart from the other two, but also engages in trade, and allows visitors to come for the games they host.

As for the general population of the valley: Humans make up the majority, and a human wizard dynasty has ruled Tandor for 500 years. They are strong allies with the Dwarves that control and maintain the wall, and make up a large minority of Tandor. Elves are scattered with the majority living in the forests west of Tandor. Half-Elves are rare and usually found among their human kin. Halflings are almost exclusively found in human cities, most in Vallandro where some merchant clans share rulership of the city with their human peers. Gnomes can be found in Tandor mostly, but are very rare and came to the valley with the empire. Orcs inhabit the mountains surrounding the valley but are mostly found beyond the wall to the northeast. Half-Orcs exist, but culturally are often looked down upon as dim and brutish. Hobgoblins of course are mostly found in Tok, but hobgoblin mercenaries can be found everywhere as they are sought after for their martial skills.

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