A rough timeline that would be familiar to anyone that has done serious study into the history of the valley.
All dates are converted to the calendar of the Nokoyian Empire (NE) which is based on the founding of Nokoya far to the southwest of the valley of Oosular. There are other timescales, but this is the “official” one used by all three of the major city-states.

This will be expanded upon as time permits.

2751 BNE: Earliest records of Oorgroth indicate that the human kingdom was founded at this time in the wilds of the valley. There are tales of violent conflict with “wild elves” and the orc warlords who inhabit the valley. Legend has it that the actual city of Oorgroth is founded on the overgrown ruins of a former city whose name was forgotten.

~2500 BNE: A wizard from the West named Jazizir leads an undead army against the Oorgrothians, but is defeated by a group of heros and believed slain.

~2300 BNE: Tails tell of creatures that arise from under the earth beneath Oorgroth to devour helpless children and young women. As the story goes King Ronvoth II destroys the creatures with the help of an unnamed god. But horror stories and myths of monsters that live beneath the city continue to the present day.

~1800-1700 BNE: Orc raids and incursions intensify over this time, and Oorgroth is repeatedly forced to defend itself and people from the raiders.

1674 BNE: The Great Wall is built to hold back the orc hordes. King king Sanzan III of Oorgroth makes a treaty with the Eastern Mountain dwarves to build the massive structure.

1458 BNE: The First Orc War: a massive orc horde breaches the wall and invades the valley, but is defeated after ravaging much of the countryside. Afterwards the dwarves take it upon themselves to rebuild and reinforce the Great Wall.

950 – 968 BNE: The empire splinters in a 19 year civil war. It is eventually reunited by king Ganur IV. The southern reaches of the valley experience the first incursions by reptilian races from the swamp.

109 NE: The empire of Oorgroth falls to a second civil war. This time in the chaos and bloodshed, the reptilian empires of the swamps enter the valley and wipe out the scattered factions and conquer the valley. The the city of Oorgroth is raised by in the conflict.

140 – 1109 NE: The valley is almost completely dominated by the Empire of the Serpent-Lords. The forest elves are nearly wiped out, but dig into their homelands and remain elusive during this time. Humans are enslaved to these Serpent-Lords, or Yisra as they are called.

455 – 460 NE: The eastern mountain dwarves are wiped out by a plague. Many would later claim that the Yisra were responsible.

~ 540-600 NE: Goblins first appear in the Valley. The Yisra attempt to exterminate them but to no avail. Lord Kassistrak, a Yisra alchemist and wizard, begins a breading program to product a “useful strain” of goblins.

~ 850 NE: Hobgoblins, the result of the century’s-long breeding program first make their appearance and are used by their masters the Yisra against the orcs and the elves.

1110 – 1191 NE: A human slave revolt, aided by some of the hobgoblin armies dissatisfied with their treatment by the Yisra, and joined soon after by the elves, defeat the Serpent-Lords and eventually pushed back to the southern 1/3rd of the valley.

1170 NE: Morotongra is founded as the human capitol on the ancient ruins of Oorgroth, although many other kingdoms spring up to make that claim as well. Some of the hobgoblins turn on their former allies and war with the humans for control of the city. With the help of the elves they are pushed back — some retreat to the eastern mountains, other leave the valley via the Sea of Woeland to the west and are not heard from again.

~ 1212 NE: Halflings first appear in the valley traveling from the West where they tell stories of the raids and conquests of the hobgoblins who left the valley.

1350-1395 NE: The Second Orc War: Massive orc invasion lead by the warchief Ulglosh breaches the great wall and captures Morotongra. He is eventually slain after 45 years of brutal rule.

1405-1478 NE: Morotongra is rebuilt and with the help of the elves becomes a wonder of architecture. But a highly cast-structured society results in the elves leaving for the forest once again.

1705-1706 NE: The Nokoyan Empire invades the valley from the west by sea, land, and air. Their superior technology and magic quickly conquers the entire valley, even pushing back the Reptilian Empires all the way back into the swamplands. Morotongra is razed in the conflict and Tandor is built on the ruins. Gnomes are brought to the valley with the empire, along with the western Mountain Dwarves.

1705-2220 NE: Imperial rule in the valley generally is viewed as just if not strict and formalized. The elves once again retreat deep into their forest and after a few skirmishes with the Nokoyans are granted a truce and allowed to keep most of their forest.

1798 NE: The second great orc invasion breaches the old wall and invades the valley… it is soundly defeated by the Nokoyans.

1801-1905 NE: Imperial Regent commissions the Iron Legion, an army of 500 Iron Golems which would defend Tandor against future orc and other possible threats. Only 200 are finished.

1999 NE: Lord Alistar, a high-ranking Nokoyan general, fails in his bid to overthrow the Imperial Regent. He is condemned for treason and for using forbidden necromatic magic from before the time of the Serpent Lords. He is hounded back to his castle and while under-siege uses those magics along with an artifact of unholy power to curse his lands and people so that only undead would walk in that forsaken land, and nothing would grow there ever again.

2220 NE: All contact with the Nokoyan Empire outside the valley is lost. To this day it is not known how or why that occurred, but trade with Haroon, the closest Nokoyan city to the valley was cut off as that city closed itself off to all outsiders.

2231 NE: The last Imperial Regent dies, and his former wizard adviser Dorvandal takes the throne declaring himself the first of the Mage-Kings. Conflict arises between the three large cities in the Valley as both Vallandro and Narrora (cities captured and built up during the first decades of imperial rule) declare their independence from Tandor.

2235-2236 NE: Weakened in the conflict, Narrora is invaded by a hobgoblin army led by the hobgoblin general Toknor. After 1 week of brutal conflict, Toknor conquered the city and enslaved or exiled the former human and non-human residents. On the ruins of Narrora he declared the hobgoblin nation of Tok. Tandor and Vallandro both attack Tok to destroy the fledgling state but are fought off by the hobgbolins. After eleven more years of conflict a truce is agreed upon and borders are drawn.

2243 NE: Dorvandal elevates many fellow mages and wizardly families to noble status, creating several noble houses to rule over the territory controlled by Tandor.

2695 NE: The present day.


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